Patagonia in Springtime 2014

Spring in the Ma–ihuales Valley               Chochos, giant lupines, fill the Manihuales Valley                                             photos Linde Waidhofer

“A Patagonia Photo Safari…
…Springtime in the Andes, 2014″

Part 1: Nov. 30—Dec. 6
Unknown Patagonia (spring)

Part 2: Dec. 6—13
Torres del Paine (spring)

part 1 costs $4,295
part 2 costs $4,495
(NOTE: These prices were for the 2013 season and may change in 2014. Double check with us).

With Bill Ellzey and Chilean Outfitter-Guides Salvaje Corizon

It’s hard to imagine better eye candy for a landscape photographer than springtime in Patagonia. Chochos, giant lupine, fill mountain valleys like carpets and throw rugs.  And those mountains!  The famed Andes laden with perennial glaciers and fresh winter snows tower upwards of 14,000 feet—from near sea level!

Having led photo workshop-safari’s to Patagonia in South America’s color splashed autumn and its dramatic winter, it is time to witness and photograph the spring, a season of new beginning, rebirth of tender life after winter’s harsh cover.

Sunrise, Lago PehoeThis is also the season when, in part 2 of the trip, the sun is far enough north for warm, orange sunrise light to skim the faces of the Curenos del Paine for one of the most breathtaking mountain light shows on the planet.

If these dates conflict with your Thanksgiving weekend let us know.  When we know early enough we may be able to make changes with the lodges and our support personnel and shift our departure to Dec. 2, 3 or 4.

Thanks to my neighbor and photo colleague, Linde Waidhofer, whose photographs grace this web page (and her’s: western you can see what’s in store for participants in this trip of a lifetime.

A full itinerary for this new trip will be coming HERE.  Check back.


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