Death Valley and the High Sierras 2015

Death Valley Salt Pans, 282 Feet Below Sea Level

Death Valley Salt Pans, 282 Feet Below Sea Level                       Photo Bill Ellzey

The High Sierra to Death Valley: the Highs and Lows of the American West

Dates: October 25 – 31

Workshop Fee: $1250

Instructors: Bruce Barnbaum, Jay Dusard, Bill Ellzey


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This workshop is for photographers who love the American West, and specifically it’s famous, gnarly rock formations, sensuous sand dunes, broad expanses, the Sierra Nevada range, America’s deepest valley (Owens) and The Bristle Cone Pines.  We headquarter out of two locations, Lone Pine in the Owens Valley where we access the rugged Alabama Hills; and Death Valley renowned as a photographer’s paradise and for its claim to the lowest elevation in North America at 282 feet below sea level.

Although open to all formats, film, digital, black and white and color, this workshop, given the assemblage of these particular three instructors, is quite possibly unique among 2015 workshops anywhere.  In this one workshop you’ve got a deep well of collective knowledge from which to dip and drink.  The instructors are Bruce Barnbaum, Jay Dusard, and myself, Bill Ellzey.  They / we are wizened old cusses with more than 120 years of combined teaching experience. The workshop is for the gamut of serious shooters—those who still practice the alchemy of film and wet darkrooms at the highest level to those making digital captures and plying the software that is the modern day darkroom.

Bruce Barnbaum, a master printer, environmentalist, and author of instructional and aesthetic photography books was a b&w sheet film shooter exclusively when he and I and Jay Dusard rendezvoused in the mid 80’s to lead a workshop in Telluride, Colorado.  While still doing traditional large format wet darkroom work today, he also shoots color with digital equipment.  Bruce directs workshops from his home in Granite Falls, Washington  And he’s the originator of this workshop.

Jay Dusard, also a large format sheet film shooter in the landscape and abstract worlds was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to photograph working cowboys from Canada to Mexico.  He too is a wet darkroom practitioner but Jay’s been packing a medium format film camera around for several years and creating art with it as well.  Check out his books. He’s a skilled horseman, jazz cornetist and philosopher photographer.  When you befriend this crusty old bastard you’ll have a friend for life.

Bill Ellzey  My pedigree / credentials can be found here.



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