Telluride Autumn

077.Aspen,Green,Yellow,4x6   Four Seasons of Aspen, Telluride, Colorado                                                                                               Photo Bill Ellzey

Through The Lens

September 27-29, 2013

Ah Haa School, Telluride, Colorado

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When autumn aspens are as profuse and beautiful as they are in Colorado everyone goes home with colorful snapshots.  But this workshop is about seeing a bit more deeply. It’s about learning how to see, recognize actually, compositions in the landscape and translate those discoveries into images that can approach, if not actually be, art.

Everyone looks, but not everyone sees.  This workshop is about honing your personal vision—about raising your photographic eye to the next level.  And what better time and place than during the fall color change in the San Juan Mountains.

The course will be heavy on shooting.  But nowadays with digital photography if is all but impossible to not tether-up to a computer at home or classroom to see what you’ve got.  So we will have some class time between shoots to process images for critiques and a group show at the end.

I lived and worked in Telluride as a photographer from ’79 to the early ’90s and organized photo workshops there nearly that entire time.  It’s just so beautiful.  And I fall in love with the area again every time I return—particularly when the aspens gold up.

So bring your shooting iron—the one with optics in the barrel—and let’s go bag some beauty.




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