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Fine Archival Prints

Prints may be ordered from any of the images shown on this web site. I print primarily on Moab art papers, usually Entrada, 300 gm. It is a heavy, matte, elegant archival paper, slightly and randomly textured. My printers are Epson and include the 7900, 4900 and 3000 and their associated inksets. Which printer I use for which job depends upon size and the nature of the job. The fine art prints are made on either the Epson 7900 or 4900 which use archival, pigment inksets.

Prints are made with adequate borders to accommodate window matting with a margin between the window bevel and the print edge. This accommodates the signature and stamp should you choose to matt the image to include them.

Prints are shipped in extremely tough tubes. I have yet to experience damage to artwork shipped using these thick walled tubes and Federal Experss, UPS, or United States Postal Service. Packaging and shipping cost is calculated by weight, shipping service, materials and destination.


Prints can be ordered in standard sizes, custom sizes and panoramas.

Standard size prints (unmounted):
Sizes are approximate as there may be slight cropping.
6×9 — $ 45.
7×10 — $ 55.
8×12 — $ 65.
9×14 — $ 95.
10×16 — $ 150.
12×18 — $ 195.
13×20 — $ 225.
15×22 — $ 260.
17×24 — $ 295.
18×26 — $ 325.
20×30 — $ 375.
24×36 — $ 420.
28×40 — $ 450
40×60 — $ 800



Because my panoramas have no standard height to length ratio (the scene dictates it) I list them by the long dimension (length). Some are long and narrow while others are closer to a 3 to 1, or less, ratio of length to width. One can get a general idea of length-width proportion by looking at the photograph on the web site. If you require the exact dimensions please send an email noting the specific panoramic image that interests you and the length you would like. I’ll send you the height for that image at that length. If you are trying to fit a certain wall space be sure to allow for matting and framing. Or if you prefer the mounting option described below there is no need for frame, mat or glass.  There is no need to take into consideration additional space around the image.

Panorama Prices

By long dimension (see above), unmounted
12” — $ 55.
15” — $ 85.
20” — $ 150.
30” — $ 300.
40” — $ 500.
50” — $ 700.
60” — $ 900.
70” — $ 1,100.
80” — $ 1,300.
90” — $ 1,500.
96” — $ 1,700.
108” — $ 1,900.
120” — $ 2,100.

Mounting Options

Note: prices listed above are for unmounted prints.

It is possible to purchase wall-ready photographs, laminated and mounted on a 3/8 inch hard substrate that appears to “float” three-quarters of an inch off the wall. It is an elegant and clean look. Business clients who order very large images for office and commercial installations usually order this type of turn-key mount. Choosing prints laminated and mounted by this process eliminates the need for matts, glass and frames. The laminate is extremely durable, does not alter color or richness and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. These prints are shipped directly from the lab after my approval. Crating and freight costs vary with size.

Some of my commercial customers prefer to order large prints and panoramas mounted and wall-ready. When this type of service is ordered the printing, laminating, mounting, crating and shipping is completed off premises under my supervision. These images are laminated and mounted on hard substrate, the edges are beveled and the finished, mounted photograph stands off from the wall 3/4 inch giving a floating appearance. This is a very clean look and requires no mat or frame. Please inquire if you are interested in large, wall-ready images with this type of presentation.


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