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Etherial Sangre de Cristo Mountains

On the morning of June 16, 2014 I looked out my studio window and saw smoke from what turned out to be a wildfire in Arizona.  Smoke (its destructive source aside), like fog and haze, can create beautiful aerial perspective, the name for such layering effect.  The initial RAW capture was, pale, gray, low contrast […]

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First iPhone Photos

On a walk, last October, I realized my first “smartphone” was in my pocket, so thought I’d better start getting familiar with it.  There seem to be no manuals with electro-gizmos anymore.  I’d heard that tiny sensors equate to deep depth of field, so turned the phone for a vertical image to maximize the area […]

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Morning Hike

Every morning (almost) before breakfast Jillian and I and our neighbors, Lito & Linde, start out the day with a hike up North Crestone Creek. This morning after a rain in the night I lagged behind taking backlit snapshots.  Purple asters beside the trail hooked me like a fish for a grab shot with my […]

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Smokey Skies

Smoke from the wildfires in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona drifted into the San Luis Valley of Colorado, my home, all too often this year.  Tragic as the fires are for animals, plants, people and homes in their path, the sunsets are stunningly out of the ordinary.  That’s what we photographers look for much of […]

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