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First iPhone Photos

On a walk, last October, I realized my first “smartphone” was in my pocket, so thought I’d better start getting familiar with it.  There seem to be no manuals with electro-gizmos anymore.  I’d heard that tiny sensors equate to deep depth of field, so turned the phone for a vertical image to maximize the area from near to far.  The pics looked pretty darn good on the small monitor.  But I was anxious to see how they looked on the desktop monitor back home.  I was astonished.  But I was still looking at a 72 ppi image and wanted to see the ultimate test—a print.  I watched expectantly as an 18 inch file printing from Lightroom emerged from the Epson 4900.  Jaw-dropping!  Stunned.


My first camera phone photos. Astonishing!


The horizontal image below revealed a possible flaw that didn’t exist on the vertical.  The upper right corner is soft.  Oh No!  I ran some tests, shooting newspaper.  Soft corner, in fact the whole right side.  Went online to see if there was chatter about this.  Some gab about a loose lens, even audible if you shook the phone.  Ugh!  I was heartbroken.  With such incredible resolution I had visions of creating a genre of  iPhone photos.  To be continued…


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Morning Hike

Every morning (almost) before breakfast Jillian and I and our neighbors, Lito & Linde, start out the day with a hike up North Crestone Creek. This morning after a rain in the night I lagged behind taking backlit snapshots.  Purple asters beside the trail hooked me like a fish for a grab shot with my Canon s95 before the gang rounded the corner.  Pocket cameras are incredibly handy for plinking around.  This pic is a fun, personal record shot which, if I had taken the time to get deep depth of field, would have missed the people.

Early morning hike up North Crestone Creek.

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